Breeding Ruin

by Dawn of Tyrants

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released January 11, 2017

W.T - Rope / Throat
N.T - Wire / Tongue
W.A - Hammer / Skin

Recorded in The Chamber at various points of MMXVI
Written by Dawn of Tyrants except Dethroned Emperor by Celtic Frost



all rights reserved


Dawn of Tyrants Toronto, Ontario

Negative-thinking, Barbaric Canadian Black Death Metal.

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Track Name: Some Above, Most Below
Some Above, Most Below

Requiem soiled, compassion damnation
Oblivion banished, equality enslavement

Those meant to live shall know life
Yet most shall lie below

Life entitlement, falsehood humanity
Inevitability, Godhead almighty

Equality a false God
Death is all, absolute

Some above, most below

Poisonous merciful, futile saviors
Faulty progeny, dissolution inhuman

Those meant for death still know life
Crippling the natural

Tolerate, Philanthropy
Pity, Mercy
Natural Mockery

Natural order, Lord over all

Some above, most below…
Track Name: What Can Be Broken...Must Be Broken
What Can be Broken…

Genocidal intransigence
Holocaust triumphant
Heralds of extinction
Devastation’s trumpeters

Hammer upon the nape
Of both frail and weak
Culling masses of knaves
New world mass grave

Death gift apocalypse
Eradication proliferate

Bell tolls for them
The ones chosen
What can be broken…
Must be broken

Tyrant’s dawn arising
Elimination destiny

World noose tightens
Ropes over necks
No diggers for graves
All land decayed

What can be broken…must be broken
Weakest lives encouraged to die

Inevitability of death is the truth above all
Track Name: Breeding Ruin
Breeding Ruin

Black Twilight injection
Lost in abhorrence
Addicted to decadence
Graduated chalice

These gifts were made for you

Bathe in perverted waters
Shower in ecstasy
Breathe of the burning
Choking on depravity

The gifts we bring to you

Breeding ruin

Existence is misery
Salvation through narcotic means

Knife edge crossing tracks
Nooses cinched upon throats
Razors perched over veins
Hair trigger salvation

The gift of death bestowed

Bleeding ruin

Drink of the poison, granting demise

Withered fingers
Grant suicide
Welcoming death
Grasp oblivion

Bleak path chosen, breeding ruin

Life spilling free
Bleeding highways
All roads to nowhere
Welcoming ruin
Track Name: Fallen Figure of Futility
Fallen Figure of Futility

Devastation triumphant
Genocidal elitism
Attaining oblivion
Enshrouded in nothingness

Weep the heavens
Pity of Angels
Exalted extinction
Fallen Figure of Futility

Executioner’s trumpet
Apocalypse echoes
Showered in torment
Ascend to extinction